Good As Your Last Dollar

Fruteland Jackson - Vocals, acoustic guitar, National Resonator guitar, mandolin
Harrison Kennedy - Backing vocals on tracks 2, 4, 6
Jack de Keyzer - Acoustic, electric and slide guitars, backing vocals
Julian Fauth - Piano and backing vocals
Alec Fraser - Bass and backing vocals
Bucky Berger - Drums, percusssion and backing vocals

Produced by Alec Fraser
Engineer: John Dinsmore
Mixed by: Alec Fraser - Liquid, Toronto
Mastered by: Andy Krehm - Silverbirch Productions, Toronto
Cover design, art & photography: Bruce Greenaway
Executive Producer: Andrew Galloway
Recorded at: The Lincoln County Social Club Studio - October 15 and 16, 2018

Electro-Fi 3457
Audio Sample

Two Steps To Hell
When Death Comes Creepin' In
Good As Your Last Dollar
Careless Love
All The Dad I Had
How's It Going?


All Pain, No Gain
Just Another Day
Damaged Goods
Love In Vain
Peace In Hell
Blues 2.0

About the Songs:

I learned during the Great Recession, that no matter how long you’ve had a relationship with a utility or cable company, if you are late or unable to pay, you become only as Good As Your Last Dollar. Nothing more, nothing less. Living through the Great Recession was a time of Economic and Psychological depression. For some an unscripted test of survival. When you are nearly unable to provide for your personal needs and have no experience at being broke, you are living in an All Pain, No Gain environment. My grandmother’s plea was not to marry young with a single choice. My Grandmother foretold that me first love would be a Careless Love, a Love In Vain. She was right. If you’ve gone through a divorce,or are a child of divorce. It is this one man’s opinion that you are Damaged Goods.

It’s odd isn’t it ? that so many Blues songs are written about a spouse or lover breaking one’s heart, while so few Blues songs are written about our parents. Our mothers and fathers and our relation, or lack of relationship with them, does more to shape our personalities and thus our fates than just about any other relationship. He Was All The Daddy I Had.

When recently asked How’s It Going? I responded “I’ll tell you how it’s going, I’m a cancer survivor, who at the time of this writing continues to be cancer free. During my ordeal I made a rare request to my Maker to have Just Another Day. As he would have it, the days keep coming. I know that nothing lasts forever, and that in the end we shall all find Death Come Creepin’ In. Well, what you gonna do ? Just in case there is no Peace in Heaven, then let there be Peace in Hell. Blues 2.0 is re-released by popular demand.

Fruteland Jackson, Chicago 2019.


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