Brothers In This World

Duane Blackburn - Vocals, organ, piano, vocoder
Brooke Blackburn - Guitar, vocals
Robert Blackburn - Guitar, vocals
Cory Blackburn - Drums and percussion
Andrew Stewart - Bass
Colin Barrett - Bass on tracks 2, 6
Mark Ayee - Bass on tracks 11, 12, 13, 14
Jojo Bowden - Drums on tracks 2, 6
Ted Peters - Trombone
Elena Kapeleris - Tenor sax
Alexander Brown - Trumpet
Steve Kennedy - Tenor sax on track 4, background vocals on track 11
Gareth Parry - Guitar on tracks 9, 10
Geoff Bornes - Alto sax on track 6

Produced by Howard Ayee
Recorded and engineered by Cory Blackburn & Howard Ayee, Toronto West Sound
Mixed and mastered by Cory Blackburn, Toronto West Sound
Cover design by Bruce Greenaway
Mastering by Nathan James
Photography by Gary Collver

Electro-Fi 3443
Audio Sample

My Train
Good Woman
Holla Back
Walkin' in New, New Orleans
Railroad Song
I Can't Go Home
Hey Hey


You Think You Know Me
I Can't Take It (I Miss Your Smile)
Still Taking Care Of Business
Why I Sing The Blues
White Lighting
Good Woman Reprise


"I had a Boss Time last night in Memphis. I saw some really cool bands. There was a band from Canada called BLACKBURN. 3 brothers and a bass player: Very Funky Hammond Organ! Very charged and at heart!"

David Fricke, Senior Editor, Rolling Stone magazine


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