Thanks For Tomorrow
With Ruthie Foster & Colin Linden


Harrison Kennedy - Vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar on track 10
Ruthie Foster - Vocals on track 1
Jesse O'Brien - Piano, organ, keyboards, bass on track 5, additional percussion
Colin Linden - Guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 11
Craig Caddell - Guitar on tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10
Gary Craig- Drums and percussion
John Dymond - Bass on tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
Terry Wilkins - Bass on track 12, additional editing
Paul Intson - Bass on track 12, additional editing
Jimmy Bowskill - Lead guitar on track 10,
mandolin on track 7

Produced by Harrison Kennedy and Jesse O'Brien
Engineered by Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmerman  
Mastered by Paul Intson
Executive Production by Diana Panton
Recorded at Jukasa Studio during December, 2021.
Six Nations of the Grand River Oshweken, Ontario
Mastered by: Andy Krehm - Silverbirch Productions, Toronto
Design: Douglas Mark  
Visual Consultant: Gary Collver  
Photography: Bruce Greenaway

Electro-Fi 3462
Audio Sample

All I Need Is You
Easiest Thing I Do
Thanks For Tomorrow
On Call Man
Checkin' You Out


Crazy Love
Memphis Trippin'
Cranky Woman
You Lost Me
Just Wanna Play

To delve into the music of Harrison Kennedy is to delve into the depths of the blues, from its roots in Africa to the strains of country blues, folk, R&B and soul in North America. Yet all the while, Harrison defies labels and boundaries, with nary a “tradition” to be found in his uniqueness.

In releasing his seventh Electro-Fi Records album, Thanks for Tomorrow, Harrison further cements himself as a giant on the blues scene with what may be his best work to date. Featuring 12 tracks which take us to places known and unknown, all are originals penned by Harrison, save for one Van Morrison cover. All are served with a healthy dose of mastery and creativity.

Harry, as he’s known by his friends, has a voice that is compelling and honest, his delivery thoughtful and intentional. With a tone like sipping warm cognac on a cool wintry day, one wants to curl up by the fire and savour every moment. There are many surprises in Harrison’s voice, from his extensive range to his sure and supple control, one moment soft and gentle, the next with the power of a lion.

Harrison (JUNO winner) has chosen some fine musical compatriots for this project who are sympatico with his vision. Guitarists Colin Linden (multi-JUNO winner) and Chris Cadell (Colin James), keyboard man, arranger and co-producer Jessie O’Brien (Maple Blues Award Winner), bassist John Dymond (Bruce Cockburn/Colin Linden) and drummer Gary Craig (Jann Arden/Anne Murray) create fertile ground for these rich songs to blossom. Ruthie Foster (four-time Grammy nominee), whom Kennedy toured with in the past, brings her electric voice to the project blending seamlessly with Harrison’s voice for one fine outing. Jimmy Bowskill (Maple Blues Winner) contributes his guitar and mandolin offerings. One of the marks of this fine album is the balance between the veterans’ and the contemporary voices, providing a balance and flavour that is as unique and diverse as Harrison himself.

Born with a great gift 80 years ago, Harrison Kennedy has in turn handed this gift to us with this stunning new release. For that, we can’t thank you enough, dear Harry, and know that you will touch many hearts with Thanks for Tomorrow.

Cindy McLeod
Founder and Artistic Director
Calgary International Blues Festival 


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