Duane Blackburn - Lead vocals, piano, organ and vocorder 
Brooke Blackburn - Guitar and background vocals
Cory Blackburn - Drums, percussion and background vocals
Robert Blackburn - Guitar and background vocals
Nathan Blackburn - Bass guitar
Mark Ayee - Bass guitar - track 6
Howard Ayee - Bass guitar - track 9
Roger Williams - Bass guitar - track 4
Paige Armstrong - Guest guitar solo - track 2
Neil Braithwaite - Tenor Sax - tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11
Ted Peters - Trombone - tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11
Pat Perez - Horns - track 6

Produced and mastered by Howard Ayee
Recorded, mixed and engineered by Cory Blackburn, Grey Roots Audio 
Additional Recordings by Brooke, Duane and Clay Semkiw - Blackburn
Executive Producer: Andrew Galloway  
All Horn Arrangements: Neil Braithwaite & Ted Peters
Cover Design: Linda Martinello    
Cover Photography: Laura Carbone 
Creative Visual Supervisor: Bruce Greenaway  

Electro-Fi 3464
Audio Sample

Bobby's Blues
She's A Heartbreaker
Let The Devil Play
Soul Brother
Won't You Let Me Go
Sister Rosa


Why Do I Do (What I Do)
Be My Wife
Freedom Train
Little Sister
I Don't Ever Want To Be Alone

The Blues that the Juno Award nominated Blackburn Brothers create is part of their inheritance, a legacy that began with Elias Earls, an enslaved man born in Kentucky in 1792 who escaped slave owners and found freedom in Canada.

The Blackburn brothers music is authentic and always about a message of history, freedom, legacy, family, black unity and love.

Listen to SoulFunkn'BLUES and you will move to the heavy riff  filled soul Blues, funky danceable Blues, and deep groove-based Blues. Listen to the lyrics and you will hear the stories of Black Canadians.

SoulFunkn'BLUES is a tribute to all the trailblazers and all of the ancestors and forgotten tribes who taught  the Blackburn Brothers the importance of history, blues, soul, groove, rhythm, and life. It's a tribute to 231 years of Canadian Roots and Blues.

- Shakura S'Aida

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