Billy Boy Sings Sonny Boy

Electro-Fi 3405
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William 'Billy Boy' Arnold - Harmonica, Guitar and Vocals
Billy Flynn - Guitar and Mandolinn
Bob Stroger - Bass
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - Drums

Mel Brown - Piano and Guitar

  Produced by Andrew Galloway & Alec Fraser
Engineered by Alec Fraser, Elliot Sairan & Warren Burbine
Mixed by Alec Fraser
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto
Design by Amy Occhipinti
Photography & Vintage Photo - Eddy B -

$1,000 Bill - Billy Boy Arnold
Love Me Baby - J.L. Williamson
Mellow Chick Swing - J.L. Williamson
New Jailhouse Blues - J.L. Williamson
Around This Old Juke Tonight - Billy Boy Arnold
Half A Pint - J.L. Williamson
Polly Put The Kettle On - J.L. Williamson
Decoration Day - J.L. Williamson
Squeeze Me Tight - Billy Boy Arnold
Black Gal Blues - J.L. Williamson
Collection Man Blues - J.L. Williamson
Rub-A-Dub - J.L. Williamson
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - J.L. Williamson
Cut That Out - J.L. Williamson
Sugar Mama - J.L. Williamson
Tell Me Baby - J.L. Williamson
Springtime Blues - J.L. Williamson


Just over 60 years ago, after a movie matinee with my cousin and a friend, I made the trip of several blocks from my home on Chicago’s Southside to 3226 Giles Street, the home of my musical idol the original Sonny Boy, John Lee Williamson.

I’d admired his records and wanted badly to meet him. My knock on the door was answered by an elegantly dressed dark skinned man who asked me “can I help you”? I said “we want to see Sonny Boy”, he answered “well this is Sonny Boy”. “We want to hear you play your harmonica”.

He said “Come on up, I’m proud to have you all”. He invited us in and when I asked “Sonny Boy, show me how you make your harmonica say wah, wah, wah,. He proceeded to pull out his harps and amplifier and spent half an hour teaching me how to choke the harp. That was the most exciting day of my life and it made me determined to become a Bluesman. This album, released on the sixtieth anniversary of his untimely passing in 1948, is my way of celebrating the music of a man who revolutionized the Blues.

Billy Boy Arnold. Chicago, 2008. –

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